History has yet to be made : Café de la Paix

For some time Café de la Paix's Gustad Dinshaw Irani has wanted to use his family's café to host cultural events. "Many people, such as artists and writers need space to showcase their creativity" he told us recently via WhatsApp.

Gustad's vision for the café became a reality last Saturday, February 27th as a packed - yet suitably distanced - crowd filled the café for a night of local history, poetry and photography hosted by poet Anushka Gupta.  

The folks at Bombay Bustle have the story here.

IMAGE : Anushka Gupta and Gustad Dinshaw Irani at Café de la Paix 

Copyright Kausar Madhyia, Bombay Bustle, 2021.


Zend Meherwan Zend, Yazdani Restaurant & Bakery

Zend Meherwan Zend of Fort’s legendary Yazdani Bakery & Restaurant expired yesterday.

Zend was “…perhaps the first baker in Mumbai to go beyond Bun, Brun, Laadi pav and Sliced Bread” observed food historian Kurush Dalal yesterday, adding  “He has gone to the big bakery in the sky today”.

We extend our best wishes to Zend’s family at this time, and all who knew him.

A piece Sharada Dwivedi shared with Irani Chai, Mumbai in 2007 includes an interview with Zend and can be found here


Courtesy Areez Katki, © Areez Katki