Thus began a love affair. .

Anindita aka bombaegirl writes from Vancouver, Canada
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More than 100 days of lockdown. Of all things, in the beginning, I REALLY missed getting out & going to cafés. I still miss it but not as much, I’ve learned to make-do without them... probably better for my wallet. 

Anyway, got me thinking what it is that attracted me so much to the European café life in Vancouver... 

I grew up in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Dubai & Nairobi, and none of these places had a vibrant café culture when I lived there. 

And then it hit me - Bombay’s Irani cafés, that’s where my love for cafés came from. It started in 2009, when after the 26/11 attacks, I visited certain spots of Bombay. Leopold, then Britannia, then Koolars... Thus began a love affair that continues in lockdown.

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Leopold's, Colaba, © Dustin Aksland


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We were saddened to hear that Darius Faizandi of the erstwhile Byculla Restaurant and Bakery {est. 1934, closed 2020} has expired.

We extend our condolences to family and friends of Darius.

Darius Faizandi, ca 2019
Courtesy Dara Nunawala


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