From Girgaum : 'the wood's been polished, and we have new lights and new paint'

We've never hidden the fact that Cafe de la Paix is one of our favourite Irani cafes. 

So we were happy to hear from Gustad Dinshaw Irani recently who sent through a few pics of the spruce-up the cafe is currently undergoing.

We're looking forward to our next chance to check it out, over a cup of pudina chai, naturally.

Thanks to Gustad for the pics!

Cafe de la Paix, Girgaum, July 2019, courtesy Gustad Dinshaw Irani


Bombay A-1, Grant Road : quick & polite!

For Irani men newly arrived in Bombay, the money was modest, starting out in another’s cafe. In 1980, Khodayad Dameri, who began working at Grant Road’s Bombay A-1 in 1928, clearing tables, earned 3 rupees per month.  A rich customer tipping with a ‘daboo’ – the old 2 paisa piece – was an occasion remembered as ‘lavish’.

Busybee (Behram Contractor) A-1: prices moderate, service quick and polite, though not fanciful. Mid-Day, May 14, 1980