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We were saddened yesterday with the news that Mehraboon (Meherwan) Kohinoor - senior partner - with his brother Boman - of Ballard Estate's iconic Irani joint Britannia has expired.

We have fond memories of quiet chats and  -always- a friendly welcome from Meherwan over many years.

Our condolences to his dear wife Pervez, and children Kuresh and Farzana. More on Meherwan's life can be found here and here

An interview with brother Boman that we did in 2007 can be found here.

Mehraboon (Meherwan) Gourabian at Britannia, Ballard Estate, 2007


Pearl said...

He was friendly & dedicated man ee will miss seeing him.

Dara Mistree said...

Remember Mr Merwan from years back.