We heard just yesterday that a little bit of local charm has dissapeared from LJ Road, Mahim.

Landmark Irani CROWN BAKERY STORES & RESTAURANT closed this week - the adjacent bakery is still operating but is not expected to last for too much longer.

We were fortunate to grab a chai and bun maska at CROWN just last month - here are a few photos we took that afternoon.

We'll miss taking a chai while enjoying the simple pleasure of watching the fish flutter, dive and dart in CROWN'S small back wall aquarium.

Crown Bakery, Restaurant and Stores, Mahim. March 2009.


Anonymous said...

ohhh, that IS sad! you know as one more of these irani joints shuts up shop we loose a little more of the 'old' bombay, the bombay that was a joy for a kid to grow up in

still we have the great memories, and your site is great - keep it up! look forward to more


Psychedela said...

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NAV said...

Nice info on the Crown Bakery at Mahim. I work around that area & wanted to know more about it.
Check my blog post about it here: